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Welcome Everyone to A Global Network 

for Peace and Justice through Reconciliation and Healing


Welcome everyone who love peace and justice. We believe that we are part of the whole creation that God has created, and we believe that we are connected to each other as one body of God. We strive to live for our neighbours and for the world through this faith.


Welcome everyone! We invite you to joyful and yet meaningful life together to love and care for others and nature. We believe that this life begins with loving and nurturing of ourselves. We want to provide a place we can have some rest for nurturing.


Welcome everyone! We believe that God gave us unique gifts of our own without any exception. If we have energy and passion that wills, we want to reach out to the end of the world with these gifts. To fulfill this mission your participation is desperately needed.


Welcome everyone! We want to share our own unique gifts. Try to find any differences in you from others. When you find one and  share with us, we will recognize it and value it; and we, together, will strive to use it for peace and justice in the world.


Welcome everyone! We are weak and powerless as most contemporary people identify themselves. But the good news is that we are not alone. God is with us. We can experience this truth through friends, our neighbours and nature around us.


Welcome everyone! We believe that your joining in this community of sharing will change each one of us, our neighbouring community and the world into our home of peace and justice. Although we may live in our difficult life situation of our own, I believe that when we humbly share the stories of encountering God, we will create our history of the global village.


Welcome everyone who wants to experience how our own small commitment can change the world. You are important. Your contribution of stories will be valued by many in our global village.





 Who We Are

A Story about Imuha



This site is prepared by volunteers who are committed in the works

of Peace and Justice in our global village 

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