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A Story about Imuha


The word imuha speaks of life that strives to become lowest without ceasing, the life of ultimate humbleness. This is the combined word i and muha contracted form of  "I strive to be muha," which means to humble oneself to ultimate lowest being." This word muha originates from Korea, and it means that there is no one below me. Therefore imuha means the people who humbles to be the lowest of the lowest.  


To become imuha means that we strive  to empty ourselves from all kinds of desire that directs to "self" to become lower each and every moment. What imuha people claim is not merely humbleness, but points to awesome obedience to the Creator to follow the will for creation. The one who really wants to be the lowest respects others and build a community of people and nature with the relationship of inter-subjective mutual respect. Through this, we believe, we follow faithfully the will of Creator.


This life lets us know "who I am"; "who we are"; and "who we are with."  Humankinds, throughout their history, have attempted to conquer others: people and nature. We believe that imuha life lets us to turn around from the distorted human behaviour. It is a great mission. However we want to start from ourselves. First of all, each individual self strives to be transformed and reaching out "to be with others" who are created by the image of the Creator.


Your life story, when it is shared with us, will form a story of a community of peace and justice with harmony. We believe that God speaks through these stories that we share. As we listen to others with passion and compassion and move ourselves to be with others, we will know that we are one body, our true-self in God's own image.





 Who We Are

A Story about Imuha



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