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We are...

We are part of God's creation who live in God's world.

We are vessels that keep God's image.

We are connected to each other and with nature.
We are blessed by God to live in harmony with each other.


We trust in God the Creator.

We thank God for God's good creation.


We are called to join in God's ongoing creation.

We live out peace and justice with love.

We love our neighbours and we care for nature.

We respect each other and live in harmony.


With our thankful hearts to God,

we live together with neighbours and nature.


We believe that, in this journey we are together,

we are not alone.

God is with us.


Thanks be to God!  




This site is prepared by volunteers who are committed in the works

of Peace and Justice in our global village 

Volunteers are wecome. Please Contact web master



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Updated December 31, 2002