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John Lee's travel to Yokohama



Hi everyone! I am John, the minister of The United Church of Canada. I visited my sister, Hye Jung, and her family in Yokohama, Japan for 10 days during the summer of 2000. I had a wonderful time relaxing and touring around Yokohama, Tokyo, and Hakone National Park.




Hye Jung guided me during my whole time of visit, and I thank her for her time and all the hospitality. But, believe it or not, I had no chance to speak with any "real" Japanese people for these ten days, mainly because my sister was the perfect guide, and I did not learn to speak Japanese.



If I visit Japan again, I will learn Japanese and I hope to learn more about Japan through the people.



Although I did not have any chance to talk with people in Japan, I have so many stories to tell and pictures to show. I will post them when they are ready. 



Meanwhile, I hope some of our Japanese friends will share their stories with us and those who visit this site. Sayonara!








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