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Diversity and Unity


Diversity and unity has been something optional in our lives. People celebrated diversity or unity if they wish as something that gives extra fun in life. However in our global village where the impact of diversity became a crucial factor of business, leasure, education, community life and even in our family lives, it bacame crucial to have peace and harmony in any relational/communal life.


Unity in diversity is what we have pursued in building creative life in a diverse community by emphsizing unity that leads people to harmony in life. What we have found in the course of time is that without emphasizing diversity by recognizing and valuing diversity we cannot reach genuine unity. Therefore it is now a time that we have to say "Diveristy and Unity" to mean perichoretic relational dynamic.


We can confirm this truth through understanding God's will for creation of humankind. God created us in God's image and likeness and at the same time God created us all differently and gave us all different gifts. After God created all different things, God said "It is good." We are all called to keep good and better what God created and still creating.


Justice and Peace comes through recognising the differences and value these as God given gifts. This is what we mean by celebrating God's presence in our lives as we create new life of reconciliation and healing. We can celebrate God's new creation in many different ways. We want to begin celebration by sharing stories.


Through sharing stories, we will get to know and understand each other better. This will calls us to be with each other, and I believe that we will eventually lead the global people and all creation into the relationship of peace. I welcome your story of faith journey, painful or joyful experiences, a simple reflection, introduction to your country, or stories of traveling.


It is a small begining. But your contribution of sharing stories will make the world different as well as this site. You are the member of the global village community and you will be the one who create the global history. By your sharing, I hope, we will know and feel that we are all connected to each other as one body.


Your simple story may change the world.



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