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 Stories of the United States of America

Participants from USA for the Second International Network Forum on Multicultural Ministry, May 7- 10, 2002, Pattaya, Thailand


 Rev. Fred Rajan, Executive Director, Commission for Multicultral Ministries, ELCA


Rev. Patrice L. Rosner, Associate General Secretary for Education, Director of Ministries in Christian Education, National Council of the Churches of Christ, USA 


 Ms Rosemary Dyson, Associate Executive Director, ELCA


 Rev. Angel Suarez-Valera, Associate Director, Immigrant Groups Ministries in the USA, PCUSA 


Ms. Tammy Jackson, Associate Executive Director, ECLA


Rev. Paul Bentz, Director of Lutheran Public Policy Office, ELCA, Born in USA Ihoa


Mrs. Doris Christine May


 Rev. Raafat S. Girgis, Associate for Evangelism, Racial-Cultural Diversity, PCUSA





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