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Stories of Thailand



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Rev. John Lee's travel to Thailand


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Hi everyone! I am John, a minister of The United Church of Canada. I visited Thailand during May 3-11, 2002. Thailand is a beautiful country with rich tradition and culture. But I cannot forget the hot and humid climate in this land. I also witnessed to the sad consequence of globalization. As I saw fancy cars on the highway and the "tot-tot" in the city, I was able to observe, though superficial, the gap between rich and poor. The unfinished rough structure af high rise buildings in the city tells me the pain after the IMF ruling in many Asian countires. However, the people were busy for managing daily life and seemed to have hopeful vision for their coming future in their busy-ness.




The City of Bankok has many great artwork that was created through the hostory of this country with its popular Budhhist tradition. People are religious and the Buddhism is part of people's daily life. The offering by people is expression of thanksgiving with anticipation of happiness and prosper. Therefore, as a friend in Thailand mentioned, offerings received by the monk is regarded as an honour. This tells me people's humble mind towards a greater being, and appreciation of their religion.



Now I am back in Toronto. I want to hear from people in Thailand of their real life story. Through sharing stories of joys and pains, we will get to know each other and will find ways to build fellowship together. Knowing each other means to me that we become friends. So through sharing, I believe, we can have vision for world's peace.




We are not alone. God is with us


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