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A Small Voice


Each one of us are the membrane of the whole body that forms a global village. Your voice need to be heard so that we realize our connectedness as one body. This is a space that we share our stories of joys and concerns. No criticism is allowed on this page to encourage small voices.


In our world, there are tremendoud different voices. It is hard to tell what is truth and what is false. Those who have more power, money tend to excercise stronger and louder voice. We know that these voices of the power-full groups hardlyspeak for the poor and powerless.


A small voice of powerless people need to be heard. I am convinced that to have justice in our world, we need more space for the powerless. This space is to fulfill this purpose. This will lead us to peace and justice in our gloval village.


If you feel that you have a small voice, and have little confidence to voice out your pain and suffering, your voice need to be heard. Simply write your story and send it to us. This is how we come together to be with those who are powerless.


The world need your voice to have change toward peace and justice.



This site is prepared by volunteers who are committed in the works

of Peace and Justice in our global village 

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